Which is a better web hosting option- InMotion or BlueHost?

Identifying the best web hosting services

Bluehost and InMotion are unequivocally two of the most popular and reliable web hosting providers out there and for obvious reasons. It is always difficult to pick a clear winner from the two as their appeal level varies with customer to customer. Each of them offers a unique set of advantages and is therefore pristine to a certain group of users. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and shortcoming of both these providers so that our valuable readers can make an informed decision as to which one of these can provide you the best web hosting experience.

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At the outset, InMotion targets VPS and Dedicated servers and on the other hand BlueHost concerns itself more with cheap shared hosting servers. Main advantage of Bluehost is that they provide bluehost discount coupons which bring hosting price down to just $3.49 per month for shared hosting. Both these targets have seen a phenomenal rise in popularity over the years for different reasons. But these web hosting service providers do have other features too that can appeal to the opposite audience.

InMotion and BlueHost web hosting service

BlueHost is what you need if you are looking for a highly customizable, cheap, shared host that allows you to host multiple website. On the other hand, InMotion offers less in terms of customization, but its fine tuned for optimum performance and hence works like magic on business websites. You can host multiple websites but this is restricted by the hosting plan you choose.

Customer support is one area where both these services excel. It is really hard to pick a winner here because both their support is fast, reliable and resourceful.

Advantages of choosing BlueHost

  • Well established company with more than two decades of operational history
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth, storage and email accounts
  • Comes with free add-ons like SEO tools, Yellow pages listing etc
  • Offers financial freedom in which you can free from a large number of attractive hosting plans
  • No financial risk involved as they offer a full money back guarantee anytime
  • Optimized resource protection solution that protects you from other users sharing the same host
  • SimpleScripts allows fast and hassle free one-click installation
  • Excellent support for WordPress blogs
  • Users can also upgrade to VPS and Dedicated servers


Advantages of choosing InMotion

  • A+ BBB rating with more than a decade of experience
  • Uses cPanel hosting interface like BlueHost and offers dedicated servers
  • You can avail money back offer any time in three months compared to 30 days offered by BlueHost
  • Comes with a wide range of free add-ons like
    • Solid State Drives or SSDs
    • SSH and suPHP
    • PHP, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python
    • Max Speed Zones that allow faster content delivery
    • Easy Google Apps integration
    • Free data backups
    • Auto installer application
  • Highly rated technical support available through phone, chat and email
  • Supports WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop

From the above comparison, it is quite obvious that both BlueHost and InMotion have their unique set of specialties and features that might cater to your specific requirements. Feel free to check Hosting Reviews on EasyWayToHosting Blog.


Why To Choose Managed Web Hosting Services

As there are many options of web hosting to choose from, one of the popular services is the managed hosting. It is clear from the name, it is a kind of server hosting managed by experts on behalf of a customer. This type of hosting permits companies to concentrate on their core activities or competencies, whereas a hosting company handles their owned servers. Therefore, for this, it is vital to choose a hosting company, which has a complete knowledge about the managed web hosting.

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Advantages of managed services

There are various reasons, why business owners prefer to choose managed web hosting services and solutions. You need to know about what you are going to from managed web hosting services, prior to hiring any company. Managed web hosting companies provide various services in a complete package, which includes hardware upgrading, server monitoring, software upgrading, software installation, troubleshooting, on call maintenance, and many others. Some reasons for choosing the managed web-hosting services are mentioned below:

Save time and money

One of the major reasons to choose this type of hosting is the ability to save time and money offered by hosting companies. As you are leaving the tasks of managing your servers and resources to host companies, then clearly, you can save you huge time and money. You do not need to be an expert in this field to manage all the challenges linked with hosting for your site. In many situations, managed hosting company can pass on the advantages of bulk prices for space on the server, bandwidth, hardware and software to the customer. This can assist you in saving the money in the end.

Enhance performance and efficiency

With this hosting type, there is only fewer probability of failure. It is because only knowledgeable and professional persons have access to settings option and many other important tasks. As a result, you can make your site more secure. These companies can make sure the increased efficiency in functioning and operation of a site. You can remain stress and focus on your other business activities to achieve success in your business with the managed web hosting services. In addition, there is no need of investing in hiring professional IT experts and getting them trained to handle your hosted site. It is all because of the managed hosting services, leading to increase your business performance.

Constant monitoring facility

Managed web hosting companies continuously observe the server on which your site is hosted. They provide sound backup amenities, which can help you in getting your files and applications recovered in the event of issues. Since they offer different packages for managed hosting with different support levels, now, it depends on you to choose from those packages to meet your needs and budget.


Beginners’ Guide to Web Hosting

An online presence is required these days – better if it could be in the form of a website. From personal business to building up a reputation; a website could add up like nothing more. And if you want to start blogging for mental peace or to earn money, you better learn web developing on your own so that you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on hiring a professional. Web Hosting is trending over past few years, but how many of us really know what Web Hosting really is? We had shed some light on web hosting and its insights.

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Web Hosting – Defined

Web hosting is basically the server space that lets you put all your website contents in a storage space. The storage space doesn’t come for free though, in most website hosting services they have a defined rate of amount which the subscribers are bound to pay. Depending on individual needs, there are different packages. However, the storage space, allocated bandwidth, shared or individual – these factors will all depend on the subscription.

A web host stores all the necessary files required for a web site to run. When the visitors type in a web address, after a set of pipelining and forming connection, the browser starts fetching files from the web hosting server. The files need to be stored in a certain place so that visitors from all across the world can have access. This hosting facility is called web hosting service.

Are Web Hosts and Data Centers Same?

You might have heard about the term ‘data centers’ and wondering whether these two are same. Data Centers are types of web hosting services, but in most cases the data centers belong to some web based companies and they are all dedicated servers to a specific server. For example, the Facebook data centers are only to serve the Facebook requirements and not up for subscription.

Types of Web Hosting Services

To make the web hosting services more reachable for everyone, they have been classified into different types. The most popular types of web hosting are – shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting and cloud server hosting etc.

For individual or small industry use, the shared hosting works just fine. Also, this is the most used type of web hosting. VPS is a type of shared hosting with some advanced features, and dedicated hosting offers everything only for one customer. Cloud hosting is slightly different from all of these.

However, while differentiating among the web hosting types, usually storage space, allocated bandwidth and monthly payment is taken into concern.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a versatile web hosting service. They offer two types of hosting service, comes in form of WordPress.com and WordPress.org. You could use WordPress’s server and hosting setup though the free WordPress.com service but you have to give up the option for a dedicated domain name. On the other hand, WordPress.org could even work on your existing web hosting service through a plugin and control panel.

For beginners, WordPress makes web hosting just beyond easy.


Web hosting is such a vast topic to cover and we have only covered the basic aspects. If you are seriously considering about purchasing a web hosting pack, you need to go through more details and learn in depth. Time to make a decision!