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Beginners’ Guide to Web Hosting

An online presence is required these days – better if it could be in the form of a website. From personal business to building up a reputation; a website could add up like nothing more. And if you want to start blogging for mental peace or to earn money, you better learn web developing on your own so that you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on hiring a professional. Web Hosting is trending over past few years, but how many of us really know what Web Hosting really is? We had shed some light on web hosting and its insights.

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Web Hosting – Defined

Web hosting is basically the server space that lets you put all your website contents in a storage space. The storage space doesn’t come for free though, in most website hosting services they have a defined rate of amount which the subscribers are bound to pay. Depending on individual needs, there are different packages. However, the storage space, allocated bandwidth, shared or individual – these factors will all depend on the subscription.

A web host stores all the necessary files required for a web site to run. When the visitors type in a web address, after a set of pipelining and forming connection, the browser starts fetching files from the web hosting server. The files need to be stored in a certain place so that visitors from all across the world can have access. This hosting facility is called web hosting service.

Are Web Hosts and Data Centers Same?

You might have heard about the term ‘data centers’ and wondering whether these two are same. Data Centers are types of web hosting services, but in most cases the data centers belong to some web based companies and they are all dedicated servers to a specific server. For example, the Facebook data centers are only to serve the Facebook requirements and not up for subscription.

Types of Web Hosting Services

To make the web hosting services more reachable for everyone, they have been classified into different types. The most popular types of web hosting are – shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting and cloud server hosting etc.

For individual or small industry use, the shared hosting works just fine. Also, this is the most used type of web hosting. VPS is a type of shared hosting with some advanced features, and dedicated hosting offers everything only for one customer. Cloud hosting is slightly different from all of these.

However, while differentiating among the web hosting types, usually storage space, allocated bandwidth and monthly payment is taken into concern.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a versatile web hosting service. They offer two types of hosting service, comes in form of WordPress.com and WordPress.org. You could use WordPress’s server and hosting setup though the free WordPress.com service but you have to give up the option for a dedicated domain name. On the other hand, WordPress.org could even work on your existing web hosting service through a plugin and control panel.

For beginners, WordPress makes web hosting just beyond easy.


Web hosting is such a vast topic to cover and we have only covered the basic aspects. If you are seriously considering about purchasing a web hosting pack, you need to go through more details and learn in depth. Time to make a decision!